We are dreaming of a world where lifestyle related health issues is eliminated. Join us and change the future of wellnes

How it works

Welltech CMS / Coaching tool

Create workout setups, follow your members workouts, boost and communicte with your members directly in their phones.

Your workout app

Sell courses, programs and digital memberships directly in your members phones.

A mobile workout store

The app

In the shop users can choose between a wide range o workouts, plans and online wellness courses that are all experienced directly in the app.

Plans can include anything from building strength or stamina, loosing weight or learning to stress less and focus more.

Coaching tool

The Welltech platform allows gyms, coaches and trainers to set up their own channel with plans and workouts in the public Twiik app and reach hundreds of thousands registered Welltech users as well as directly target their exiting client and member base.

Exercise on the go

The app guides you through each workout, complete with timer, instruction videos and comments from the trainer and enables you to log virtually any form of exercise to create a comprehensive overview off your habits, routines and of course progress.

The more the merrier

Join groups or invite your friends to make the most out of your experience. Through the app you can follow your friends, boost and comment on their workouts and activities.


Your own shop for workout setups

Your own shop within your app where you can upload courses, workouts, workout setups, lecturs och much more, for your existing members and new ones.

Social engine

A club within the club, make it possible for your members/customers to boost and inspire each other through a digital community.


Provide and charge for a coach who can answer both health and workout realated questions. A coach who boosts and lifts the members through likes and comments on their workouts.

Connect yourself

The platform integrates with the leading third part apps och services to give your members a more personal experience.


A web based Content Management System to create individual setups, courses,program, workouts and templates.


A system to keep you closer than ever to your customers - support and inspiration no matter where your customers are in their life cycle, and in addition with sync with ex Pastell Data.


Smart and fun challenges to motivate and engage companies, and individuals to reach new heights.

Lifestyle check-ups

An engine for surveys and investigation to make it possible to screen companies health within their employees.

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