Maximise the potential of each human digitally but with a human twist and plot

Tech meets wellness

The idea of Twiik came from the ambition to bring coaching, one of our time’s most efficient methods for positive, lasting behaviour change, into the age of a digital sharing economy.

At a point in time where e-health is booming and the range of exercise apps as well as fitness trackers grows exponentially the timing is right to take on an umbrella perspective and start helping people to navigate this jungle. With the vision of creating a platform for helping people and organisations to make use of existing (and coming) knowledge and technology and bring that to a useful context, we’re building Twiik.

Our ambition is to move above and beyond single challenges, exercise apps or technologies to take on the full spectrum of a lifestyle, building an engine for positive, lasting behaviour change, whilst making this a sustainable business for our customer. An engine supporting all parts of the wellness chain - from helping individuals towards their goals, helping personal trainers, coaches and experts to take the step into digital business and all the way to helping corporations moving their focus from reactive to proactive staff welfare.

B2B with a consumer mindset

People are increasingly unwell from lifestyle related diseases - spite access to more and more options - there is help to get through digital services, gyms, coaches and experts, but the threshold - economically as well as mentally - is too high and for the novice it’s really hard to know where to start. Twiik is set out to change all of that.

Twiik is a B2B2C solution, helping gyms, coaches and company wellness experts to grow their business and offer digital services to their customers. We tie together an individual’s lifestyle and everyday behaviours with the tools and expertise that can help them reach their goals.

Simply Empowering the world’s wellness industry!

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