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The Welltech platform lets any player in the wellness industry create efficient behaviour change programs, workout plans and challenges. Staying in touch with its audience to create long lasting results. The platform features everything from online screening tools to content management system and a state-of-the-art mobile app for the end customer.

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"The results and feedback I get from my participants speak for themselves - it's more efficient than I would imagine"
Rolf Munke, Attraktiv Livsstil
"We've got an increased upsale and keeps ours customers for a longer time compared to before Welltech Labs services"
Fredrik Steen, VD, OTR Sweden
"It gives me a bigger possibility to keep contact with my customers on a daily basis. I can coach, give tips and ideas according to their workout"
Malin Alricsson, GTC
"Twiik TeamBoost is motivating, easily accessible and creates a team spirit and belonging. Something that benefits the health culture we're actively builds here at ÅF"
Annica Zetterlind & Malin Gustafsson, ÅF

Why Welltech Labs?

Built for the end user

The Welltech API and Twiik has more than 200 000 registered users and we continue to earn our existence by building user experiences that people like. ou'll find our solutions on app store, Google play and directly online.

Twiik helps create new revenue possibilites

Apart from that you take the dialogue with your members to a whole new level, you engage yourselves in your members workouts in a new way. In that way you create new possibilites to communicate - and charge for - your knowledge and service digitally. This means that you are on a good way to online fitness comerce and the future of wellness.

We take care of the tech, so you can focus on the rest

Welltech Labs provides you with a robust tech platform with cutting edge features - without you having to invest in expensive development work yourself. We monitor the latest tech industry development and make sure that the platform stays ahead of the game so you can focus on providing your customers, members and clients with the best possible service.

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